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Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contacts

Gas Leak or Suspected Gas Leak or Fumes or CO Detector Activated

Contact National Grid Gas Emergencies on 0800 111999 immediately if there is a gas leak or smell of gas or fumes or CO detector activated. Turn off gas at the meter (Quarter turn of handle on pipe at the side of the meter). Turn off all gas appliances. Open all doors and windows. Do not use any electrical appliances or switch any lights on or off. Do not smoke or use naked flames. Do not turn on gas supply until remedial action taken and authorised by a competent person.

Central Heating Repairs

The under-noted defects are repaired by Kingdom Gas who should be contacted on 0800 3899463.

Emergency Repairs (7 day, 2 hour response)

An emergency repair is classed as an uncontrollable water leak from a central heating system e.g. a leak from a radiator which cannot be controlled by the valves.

Urgent Repairs (7 day, 6 hour response)

Total or partial loss of heating and or hot water, small controlled water leaks, pilot light failure.

Drainage or Plumbing Repairs

For drainage, water supply pipes, or cold water storage tanks an emergency contact number is on the Trust answermachine on 01738 620653

Electrical Repairs

Electrical system problems contact David Peebles on 07709 365071

Joinery Repairs

Jammed doors or locks which compromise security contact Graham Davidson on 07493 233844

Informing the Trust

In all cases the tenant should notify the Trust Office on the first working day during office hours of the fault and which company has been called out. Instructing Tradesmen Orders to carry out non-emergency work of any description on a house must come from the Gannochy Trust Office. Any tenant instructing a tradesman to carry out non-emergency work will be liable for the payment.