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Gannochy Trust Reporting Guidelines

Recipients must include responses to the following questions and requirements in the text of their reports.  Reports are to be accompanied by a supporting letter from a director or trustee of the charity.

  • What were the agreed aims of the project for which the donation was awarded, and how did you meet them?
    • Were there any substantial alterations to the project? If so, when were they advised to the Trust, and how have the changes benefited the project?
  • What overall difference did your project make, and how was this measured?
  • What difference did the Trust's contribution make?
  • When did the project commence, and when did/will it end?
  • If the project is ongoing, describe the future of the project.
  • How did the project perform against the criteria which were established at the application stage to assess its success or failure?
  • Provide a breakdown of project costs to include:
    • How much money did you require?
    • How did you spend the money, and when?
    • Who else provided funding for your project?
    • How much self-funding did you provide?