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Submission Guidelines

Applicants should read the Funding Application Pack carefully before submitting an application for funding

Applicants should complete their organisation's details on the attached form. It is essential that the text of submissions is confined to 3 sides of A4 paper. Any additional information should be in the form of free-standing documents, not continuation sheets. The Trustees meet periodically throughout the year to consider applications.

The following questions and requirements must be covered in the text of the application:

  • What is the Charitable Purpose of your charity?
  • What is the Public Benefit of your project, and are there any Private or Commercial Benefits?
  • What are the aims of your project, and how will you meet them?
  • Which Gannochy Trust Grant-Making Strategy Sub-Theme or Themes does your project relate to, and how?
  • What difference will your project make?
  • How would you spend the money, and when will the project commence and end?
  • State the criteria which will be used to assess the project or specific funding request, and how will you measure or evaluate its success or failure?
  • What would you do if the Gannochy Trust does not provide funding?
  • Is this an application for a new activity or project for which you are seeking funding, or a funded or part-funded current activity or project for which you are seeking re-funding on the reduction or at the end of one or more funding streams?  If so, then specify which organisation(s) have ceased or reduced their funding to you.

The following documents must be provided with the application:

  • Up-to-date signed and dated full copy of your charity's accounts and of any connected charity or other organisation to support your appeal. The accounts should be audited or, if relevant, supported by an independent examiners report.
  • Up-to-date financial information to include:
    • A current bank statement.
    • Details of changes to trustees and staff since the last accounts were prepared.
    • An explanation of any significant finanacial or governance issues that have arisen since the last accounts were prepared.

A full breakdown of costs to include:

  • What are the total project costs?
  • A funding strategy/plan to include who else will provide funding for your project?
    • Please give details of actual donations, promised pledges and any attached conditions, and applications pending.
  • A clear statement of what your organisation will contribute to the project.  How much of this will come from interanl reserves?
  • If the balance of funding will come from external sources, thia must be shown and not subsequently made up from internal reserves.
  • The amount requested from the Gannochy Trust.

The following documents should also be provided to support the application, if applicable:

  • Project-related documentation - business case, plans, CDs, studies, consultations, job descriptions.
  • The latest approved Annual Report.

Completed applications should be sent to:

Mrs Fiona Russell
The Gannochy Trust
Kincarrathie House Drive
Pitcullen Crescent
Perth PH2 7HX

Tel: 01738 620653