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Theme 2 (Currently Restricted to Projects Taking Place in Tayside)

Improving the Quality of Life of the Disadvantaged and Vulnerable

2.1 Projects promoting participation in sports and recreational facilities for the educationally and socially disadvantaged.

2.2 Therapeutic drama and music for the disabled and educationally and socially disadvantaged.

2.3 Rehabilitation of Young People due to the effects of drug or alcohol abuse.

2.4 Promoting healthy lifestyles, especially among the young.

2.5 Supporting the ‘hard-to-reach' disadvantaged and vulnerable in society.

2.6 Promote social inclusion, including the re-integration of Young Offenders and projects to encourage and maintain the cohesion of prisoner's families.

2.7 Support those who care for the disadvantaged and vulnerable, including Young Carers and projects to address abuse, with an emphasis on Young People.