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Gannochy community joins Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
December 23, 2020

It’s official. Residents of the Gannochy community have their own Gannochy Neighbourhood Watch Scheme to help keep residents safe and protect against crime. You can become members by registering  here.

Joining the scheme doesn’t mean you have to participate in meetings, however you will be notified of any crime issues and trends. The scheme is run and operated by its members and has the support of The Gannochy Trust. All residents in the defined area are welcome to join. See the map below to show the area in question.

The Trust will put up 10 lamp post signs across the estate to build awareness and act as a deterrent. Once you register you will also receive:

  • A Neighbourhood Watch Window Sticker;
  • Updates from local and national police about local alerts;
  • Advice about current trends in doorstep, phone and email fraud.

If you have any questions about the new Gannochy Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, please e-mail

Keep well and keep safe!