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Covid-19 Maintenance and servicing advice for tenants
April 9, 2020

Given the need to prioritise the critical work of the Trust at this time, we would ask that tenants do not report non-essential repairs until further notice. You should however keep a note of these and we will advise in due course on how they should be reported once the current crisis has passed. We would also ask you to do all that you can to avoid problems arising e.g. follow Scottish Water advice and do not flush wipes down the toilet or pour fat etc. down the drain.

In line with current advice, we are required to limit face to face contact and therefore only essential safety or security related repairs and statutory servicing will be undertaken by the Trust’s contractors. Essential repairs would include issues such as:

  • the loss of heating or hot water
  • carbon monoxide alarm activation
  • blocked drains which are preventing the use of essential sanitary equipment
  • burst water pipes or pipe leaks which cannot be contained
  • constant electrical faults which will not re-set
  • jamming doors or locks which compromise security

Such issues should be reported through the Trust’s main telephone line (01738 620653) in the first instance. However, where this is not possible e.g. out-of-hours, our contractors may be contacted direct as outlined in the table below. Our contractors have been briefed on what constitutes an essential repair so please do not contact them direct regarding anything which is not absolutely critical.

When you contact the Trust or our Contractors direct regarding a repair, we will ask whether anyone in the household is self-isolating due to exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or having come in contact with someone who has COVID-19. Where this is the case, we will aim to delay the work until the end of the self-isolation period. Where this is not possible due to the urgency of the work, we will aim to work with the tenant to organise the repair as soon as possible taking latest Health Protection Scotland and NHS advice into account. It may be necessary to employ a range of solutions in these situations which could include:

  • the contractor talking the tenant through a temporary solution
  • arranging access under strictly controlled conditions
  • providing a temporary solution e.g. temporary heaters, until a safe method of access and repair can be organised

Where a situation arises out-of-hours we would look to have the contractor attend first thing the next day in all but the most urgent situations. This will ensure that undue pressure is not placed on the limited resources available to our contractors, and we would ask that you are understanding when requesting assistance.

Where tenants are self-isolating on the advice of government due to their age or an underlying medical condition they should inform us of this, and we will aim to work with the tenants to agree a means of access to undertake any essential work that is required. In doing so, we will follow all available advice and will not force tenants to give access where they do not wish to do so.