Can you spot an otter playing along the banks of Annaty Burn or bats returning home to roost in the evening?
The Quarry
The quarry lies at the very heart of the park. It’s distinctive red and yellow sandstone, formed at the end of Devonian Period
MacMillan Coffee Shop
The Macmillan Coffee and Gift Shop sits at the west end of Quarrymill Woodland Park and serves a delicious selection of home-made soups, sandwiches, cakes, scones and more.
Great walks for all
Enjoy four great walks within the Quarrymill Woodland Park.
BBQ Area
Tucked away in the south west corner of Quarrymill Woodland Park are two picturesque BBQ areas that overlook Annaty Burn.
Children’s activities
There’s plenty of great things to see and do in the park for children and families.
"The ideal place to explore the outdoors, encounter wildlife and soak in the views."
Park Code

‘Take only pictures, leave only footsteps’

Please leave the park as you would wish to find it! Here is our park code for all visitors:

  • No littering;
  • Guard against fire;
  • Please pick up your dog mess – it’s the law;
  • Please keep dogs under control, preferably on a lead;
  • Refer to notification form for parties of 30 or more;
  • Do not throw anything into the river;
  • Leave gates as you found them;
  • Please do not use mountain bikes in the park;
  • Your rights and responsibilities are explained in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code