"Three major housing expansions in the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s, added further properties which enabled us to meet the needs of tenants as their circumstances changed."

Gannochy Avenue

22 one bedroom pensioners houses.

Kinnmond Court

21 pensioners houses. One 2 bedroom and 20 one bedroom homes.

Gannochy Walk

19 pensioners houses. One 2 bedroom and 18 one bedroom homes.

New Estate

New Estate

48 new homes consisting of one, two and three bedroom properties.

General Housing

152 general houses consisting of: 146 sandstone bungalows and three houses - Six small terraced houses for single people

"Moving into one of the new bungalows has been a very exciting, happy and life-changing experience for my daughter and I." Resident of new expansion

Housing by the numbers