Quarrymill Woodland Park and Coffee Shop
Donated to the Trust by A K Bell in 1937, The Quarrymill Woodland Park is a 27 acre wooded den lying either side of the Annaty Burn.
Doo’cot Cricket Pavilion and Grounds
A K Bell had an abiding passion for the game of cricket, demonstrated by his century scored for Wolfhill Cricket Club at the age of 55.
Community Hall
The Gannochy Community Hall, located just off Gannochy Avenue, was the first major development of the Gannochy Housing Estate since its completion in 1931.
Curly and Pond
The Curly and pond is available for use by Gannochy residents and members of the community.
Paths and Woodlands
The Gannochy owns 69 acres of woodland consisting of a mix of deciduous and evergreen native species.
The Gannochy Trust own and manage two tenanted farms located at Muirhall and Upper Muirhall.
Kincarrathie House and Doo'cot
Kinkarrathie House was the original family home of A K Bell and his wife Camilla.
Our Housing
A good place to live and grow up

Key Estate figures

Quarrymill Woodland Park

27 acre park donated to Gannochy Trust by AK Bell in 1937. The park includes four walks and a range of facilities for community use.

Whinniemuir Farm Fields

The Gannochy Trust rent 68 acres of land to Whinniemuir Farm situated two miles west of Scone.

D’oocot park (Pavilion and Cricket Ground)

Reflecting A K Bell’s passion for cricket, Doo’cot pavilion was built in 1924 and has been the home of Perth Doo’cot Cricket Club since 2012.

Kincarrathie house was the original family home of A K Bell and his wife Camilla. It is now one of Perth’s leading residential care homes for the elderly.

Gannochy Estate

Completed in 1931, The Gannochy Housing Estate consists of 200 affordable homes built for the benefit of the community of Perth.

Gannochy & Muirhall Farm Land

The Gannochy Trust manage over 529 acres of farmland including two tenanted farms.

New housing estate and green spaces

In May 2020, the Gannochy Trust opened 48 new homes which built on A K’s original vision of improving health, accessibility and connectedness for tenants.

Upper Muirhall Farm

One of two tenanted farms owned and managed by The Gannochy Trust.

New Plantation (Forestry)

The Gannochy Trust manage the estates woodlands and forestry to ensure the protection of existing species and the development of new wooded areas, including a new plantation between Deuchnie Wood and Upper Muirhall Farm.

Deuchnie Wood

The Gannochy Trust manage 69 acres of mixed woodland including Deuchnie Wood

"Dedicate, equip and maintain it as a place of public resort" AK BellHe directed the Trust to