Grants plus
As part of our support for charities based or working in Perth and Kinross, we offer a range of free capacity building activities.

These are developed in response to what we have learnt from listening and talking with charities.  Our recent work on #BeConnected, a series of conversations with charities in Perth and Kinross helped us to design our current grants plus programme.

Grants plus
Aims of grants plus

Through our work on grants plus, we aim to support charities with developing sustainability; enable charities in building capability; encourage innovation and enterprise; be a more impactful and responsive funder for the sector; and build relationships and collaboration in Perth and Kinross.  Most of our grants plus activities are delivered in partnership with specialist providers.

#BeConnected is one of our latest Grants Plus projects
Grants plus
Elements of grants plus

We expect our grants plus programme to change and develop.  All of the activities are evaluated and feedback from participating charities is critical to understanding their impact.  Recent elements of grants plus have included:

We also offer funded Perth and Kinross charities free use of our buildings and grounds.

Grants plus
More information

New grants plus activities will be shared by email and in the news section of our website.  For more information, or to suggest activities, please contact Steven Greig, Development Manager