Applying for Housing
Welcome to our housing application page.

We ask everyone who is interested in renting a Gannochy Trust house to complete an application form.  Every application is assessed and applicants are shortlisted using our criteria.  All shortlisted applicants are invited to an interview – this also gives you the chance to find out more about us and ask any questions.  The application and the interview help us decide who to offer a tenancy to.


Applying for Housing
Applying for housing

You can only apply for a house when the housing list is open.

This will be announced on our website and social media channels.

When the housing list is open, the application form will be available on our website.  The form can be downloaded and then completed.

There is generally much higher demand, and many more applications than we have houses available.  Unfortunately, this does mean that applicants can be disappointed.  We work hard throughout the assessment process to ensure that our approach is fair and consistent, and all applicants are kept well informed.

We do not keep a list of interested parties to notify when the list is open, so please check this page of the website regularly or watch out for news on our social media channels.

Please note that our pensioners houses are usually only available to tenants already living in the Gannochy estate.

Housing criteria
Application process

All applicants must meet the following two criteria to be considered for a tenancy:

  1. they are currently resident in Perth and Kinross; and
  2. this will be their only residence.

Applications will then be assessed against a further three criteria:

  1. one or more housing needs, which cannot be met in their current accommodation;
  2. they have the ability to financially sustain the rental payments and general costs of the house and garden; and
  3. they can maintain the house and garden to a satisfactory standard.

We are very sorry that our Housing List is not currently open.  We have a low turnover of tenants and do not keep a waiting list.  When homes become available, we will promote this here on our website and on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Links for these are at the foot of this page.  Our Pensioners’ Housing is prioritised for our existing tenants and external applications are not commonly invited.

Applying for Housing