Applying for a grant
All the information you need to apply for a grant is available here.

Our 2022 to 2027 Grant Strategy sets out the work we fund, and includes information on criteria, outcomes, and exclusions.

Who we fund

The Gannochy Trust awards grants to registered charities for work in Perth and Kinross and across Scotland, that deliver the outcomes that the Trust hopes to achieve with its funding.  Currently, a greater proportion of our annual giving of around five million pounds is awarded to charities based or working in Perth and Kinross.

What we fund

We have different eligibility criteria for charities based or working in Perth and Kinross, than those across Scotland.  We fund charities to deliver the following aims:


For Perth and Kinross:


To improve the quality of life

by delivery of at least one of these:

  • Positive change in people’s lives and communities.
  • Increased inclusion, enablement, independence, mental health and wellbeing.
  • Increased access to employment, volunteering, learning, culture, sport, and leisure opportunities.
  • Increased equality of opportunity and active citizenship.


To improve the availability or quality of the built and natural environment for wide community use

by delivery of at least one of these:

  • Greater access to services and facilities.
  • Improved infrastructure.
  • More sustainable services and facilities that reflect local priorities.


To develop and inspire children and young people (From age 0 to 21 inclusive)

By delivery of at least one of these:

  • Increased participation, opportunities, and experiences through culture, leisure, play, environment, and heritage.
  • Increased access to sporting opportunities at all levels of participation and ability.
  • Increased leadership or mentoring.
  • Accredited non-formal learning through voluntary activity in the community.​


For the Rest of Scotland:


To develop and inspire young people (From age 11 to 21 inclusive)

We want to focus on quality youth work programmes that work alongside young people to deliver at least one of these:

  • Increased leadership or mentoring.
  • Better employment options that can be tracked and measured.
  • Accredited non-formal learning through voluntary activity in the community.

Programmes that lead to improved mental health or wellbeing are particularly encouraged.

Applying for a grant
How to apply

All applicants should read our grant strategy and check that your charity and the work you are doing are eligible for funding.  Both exclusions and eligibility are described in the grant strategy.  When you are completing your application form, please remember to only include how your project will meet The Gannochy Trust’s outcomes and not your own. The Trust’s outcomes for Perth and Kinross, and the rest of Scotland are clearly outlined in the Grant Strategy.

If you are ready to apply, please follow these seven steps:

Step 1
Please download our Grant Application Pack below.

Step 2
Read the Gannochy Trust Grant Strategy 2022 to 30 June 2027.

Step 3
Read our Guidance Notes for Grant Applicants which include a step-by-step guide to completing the application form, guidance on presenting your aims, outcomes and targets/indicators, and your budget schedule.

Step 4
Complete the Grant Application Form and ensure all of the questions have been answered.  Remember to only include how your project will meet the Trust’s outcomes and not your own.  The Trust’s outcomes can be found in the Gannochy Trust Grant Strategy.

Step 5
Use the Checklist in Question 16 of the Grant Application Form to ensure that you have included all of the supporting documents required for your application.

Step 6
Send the Grant Application Form electronically in MS Word format along with your supporting documents to

Step 7
Wait for us to contact you.  We aim to acknowledge your application by email within a week of receiving it and we would expect to notify you of the decision within three to four months.


Before applying, please email to request a Stage 1 Capital Project Summary Template to complete and return.  Our Trustees will review your submission and decide if your project will progress to Stage 2 – which is the submission of a full funding application.

Applying for a grant
Application deadlines

The Gannochy Trust Board meet four times a year to consider grant applications.  We aim to deal with your application as efficiently and effectively as possible.  It is important your application is submitted by the deadline date so we have time to discuss your application or receive additional information if required.

The deadline for applications in 2022 are:

  • Friday 18th February 2022, for consideration at the grant-making meeting on Thursday 31st March 2022;
  • Friday 3rd June 2022, for consideration at the grant-making meeting on Thursday 14th July 2022;
  • Friday 12th August 2022, for consideration at the grant-making meeting on Thursday 29th September 2022;
  • Friday 28th October 2022, for consideration at the grant-making meeting on Thursday 15th December 2022.

We aim write to you within three weeks of the meeting with a decision about your application.