The Gannochy Trust launch new Youth Panel Fund for Perth & Kinross

The Gannochy Trust has recently introduced an innovative new Youth Panel Fund for Perth and Kinross that will be managed by young people from across the region.

Recruited through Perth and Kinross Strategic Youth Work Partners and care experienced youth services, The Gannochy Trust Youth Panel will consist of 12 young people aged between 14-21. The panel will meet four times a year to assess and approve applications of up to £10,000 from an annual funding pot of £100,000.

The Gannochy Trust Youth Panel have designed the core aims and outcomes for the fund, which include; Youth Activity – to provide learning-based activities and experiences for young people; Youth Voice – empowering young people through projects that support their opinion being heard; and Youth Health and Wellbeing – helping young people develop independent living skills and activities that are focused on improving their wellbeing.

The fund will be open to registered charities that work in Perth and Kinross and can help in the delivery of these objectives.

Youth Panel member, Layla said: “It’s great to be involved in The Gannochy Trust Youth Panel Fund. These grants will help lots of people of our age, many who don’t have a voice or struggle with getting the basics, such as a proper education or their three meals a day. I can’t wait to see what we can do.”

David Gray, Chair of The THe Gannochy Trust said: “In collaboration with our Strategic Youth Work Partners, the new Gannochy Trust Youth Panel Fund has been designed by young people, for young people. By creating a youth panel, The Trust will gain an invaluable insight into the needs and concerns of young people, and the fund will broaden our support of projects that have a direct impact on the quality of young people’s lives.”

More information about the Gannochy Trust Youth Panel Fund can be found here.