Gannochy Trust awards over 1.5 million to charities in latest funding round

The Gannochy Trust is pleased to announce that at our December 2023 grant-making meeting 33 charities were awarded grants totalling £1,561,042.75 to support their work.

In addition, the Gannochy Trust Youth Panel recently awarded 5 grants totalling £25,155.

Details of each award is provided below for information.


Perth and Kinross Grant Awards
Benedetti Foundation£10,0005-day residency of activities to transform learning and motivate young people
Blairgowrie & Rattray Community Football Trust£200,000New build sports and community facility including changing rooms
Brass Central Strathearn£5,000Purchase of new instruments to encourage young and older people to learn music and to play a brass instrument
Breadalbane and Strathtay Youth Football Club£7,500Salary costs of part-time Community Football Development Officer
Buttons & Bows Baby Bank£55,500Unrestricted core funding from April 2024 to March 2026 (Year 1 £26,500 and Year 2 £29,000)
Chapter House Museum£90,000Unrestricted core funding from January 2024 to December 2026 (£30,000 per annum for three years)
Childrens Music Foundation in Scotland£5,000Performance/musician project costs for youth workshop activity and two family concerts in Perth
Corbenic Camphill Community Ltd£100,000Corbenic Day Service and Community Barn Development (design and build costs)
Crieff Choral Society£1,000Towards their 2023/24 concert programme
Dunkeld Birnam & District Community Development Trust£51,000Unrestricted core funding from April 2024 to March 2027 (£17,000 per annum for three years)
Edinburgh Science Foundation Ltd£29,550Generation Science shows and workshops in Perth and Kinross (Year 1 £9,550; Year 2 £10,000; and Year 3 £10,000)
Hearts & Minds Limited£30,000Clowndoctors in the Classroom at Fairview School and Perth Academy’s Intensive Support Unit from April 2024 to March 2027 (£10,000 per annum for three years)
King George V Playing Field Kinross Management Committee£15,658Extension to changing rooms at KGV Kinross RFC Clubhouse (additional grant)
Leadership Equality and Active Participation (LEAP) in Sports Scotland SCIO£10,000Salary and activity costs to develop their Out and About Perthshire project
Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust£9,429Ben Vrackie hillside path repair and training opportunities programme (additional grant)
Perth North Church of Scotland£63,950Salary costs of Community Development Worker from January 2024 to December 2026 (Year 1 £19,700; Year 2 £21,450; and Year 3 £22,800)
Perthshire Women’s Aid£90,000Outreach Domestic Abuse project from January 2024 to December 2026 (£30,000 per annum for three years)
Richmond House£79,852Richmond House community activities from January 2024 to December 2026 (Year 1 £29,852; Year 2 £25,000; and Year 3 £25,000)
Rock Trust£65,000Dispersed Live and Work Scheme in Perth – salary costs of two staff members (Year 1 £30,000 and Year 2 £35,000)
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds£24,813.75Growing Up With Quarrymill project from April to September 2024.
St Johnstone Community Trust£165,000Unrestricted core funding from March 2024 to February 2027 (Year 1 £50,000; Year 2 £55,000; and Year 3 £60,000)
The Rural Access Committee of Kinross-shire£49,475Phase 2 upgrade and repair of Loch Leven Heritage Trail
The Gannochy Trust Youth Panel – Perth and Kinross Grant Awards
Perth & Kinross Association of Voluntary Service Ltd£7,630Young Carers Voice programme comprising refurbishment of their Young Carers Den and a trip to Paris for 18 young carers and 4 staff to connect with groups involved in the ‘Paris Youth Council’ (young citizen involvement programme) and a visit to Disneyland Paris
Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust£3,560Grow Wild project comprising development and launch of a PKCT Youth Council and an outdoor learning programme for youth groups
Perth Craigie & Moncreiffe Church of Scotland£2,350Craigie Connects youth committee organising and hosting community events throughout 2024 for the South Perth community
Perth Riverside Church of Scotland£4,201Development of a youth project within the Bertha Park Community Hub for young people who reside at Bertha Park and attend Bertha Park High School
Seamab£7,414Towards care experienced young people and their key workers visiting Centre Parcs and participating in outdoor adventure activities
Rest of Scotland Grant Awards
Big Hearts Community Trust£8,677Switching Play project
Bridges Project£67,500Education and employability service (£22,500 per annum for three years)
Community Food Initiatives North-East Ltd£2,6828-week Warehouse Skills Development programme for 8 young people
Deaf Action£90,000Deaf Action Youth Service – salary and activity costs (£30,000 per annum for three years)
Impact Arts (Projects) Limited£67,500Impactful Starts employability programme for young people (Year 1 £20,000; Year 2 £22,500; and Year 3 £25,000)
Primrose Community Trust£5,000Game Changers and Get Hired projects
Reach4Reality£36,266Salary costs of two part-time Project Workers to help autistic young people transition into adult life (Year 1 £10,266; Year 2 £13,000; and Year 3 £13,000)
Re-Employ£5,000Staffing costs to support young people aged 16-21 years into employment
Urban Uprising£29,190Elevate and Inspire programmes Scotland-wide in 2024-2026 (Year 1 £9,190; Year 2 £10,000; and Year 3 £10,000)
Wonder Fools£40,500Development of their Wonder Fools Youth Board from January 2024 to December 2026 (Year 1 £13,000; Year 2 £13,500; and Year 3 £14,000)
Working Rite£51,000Extension of their Rite to Work programme in Edinburgh (Year 1 £16,000; Year 2 £17,000; and Year 3 £18,000)